silibus cc603 untuk panduan pembelajaran

1.1 Understand the concept of project management
1.1.1 Describe the concept of management.
1.1.2 Identify the characteristics of management.
1.1.3 Define project and identify characteristics of projects
1.1.4 Explain the concept of project management.
1.1.5 Discuss the objectives of Project Management and the importance of Project Management
1.1.6 Point out Project Manager in project managemet
a. Who is project manager
b. Roles and responsibilities of project manager
c. Soft skills needed by project manager
1.1.7 Differentiate the implementation of project management in various
methods of construction projects
a. traditional method
b. design and build method
c. turnkey method
2.1 Understand Project Life Cycle and its phases
2.1.1 Illustrate the diagram of project life cycle
2.1.2 Identify the characteristics of project life cycle
2.1.3 Explain the phases of project life cycle
a. Initiation and the basic processes
i. Project document
ii. Project feasibility document
iii. Project concept document
iv.. Project charter
b. Planning and basic processes
i. Defining scope
ii. Work breakdown structure
iii. Role assignment and scheduling
iv. Fund allocations
v. Risk Management
vi. Procurement planning
c. Implementation activities and basic processes
i. Execution of project plan
ii. Handle changes
iii. Project control
d. Close-up activities and benefits of efficient project closure
3.1 Understand Bar Chart and Gantt chart
3.1.1 Discuss the usage of the bar chart and Gantt chart.
3.1.2 Identify the characteristics of bar chart and Gantt chart
3.2 Understand Critical Path Method (CPM)
3.2.2 Describe the principle of CPM
3.2.3 Understand the terms used in CPM
a. activity
b. arrow
c. ‘dummy’
d. duration
e. event
f. early to start (ES)
g. early to finish (EF)
h. finish to start (FS)
i. finish to finish (FF)
j. float
k. critical path.
3.2.4 Construct network diagram and determine project
duration and
identify critical path using Arrow Method
3.3 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Gantt Chart and CPM
3.3.1 Identify the advantages and disadvantages of Gantt Chart
3.3.2 Identify the advantages and disadvantages of CPM
3.4 Understand the concept of controlling
3.4.1 Define project control
3.4.2 Identify project control system
a. Quality Management System and its perspectives
i. Product Quality
ii. Service Quality
iii. Process Quality
b. Quality Management Process and its concepts
i. Quality Planning
ii. Quality Assurance
iv. Quality Control
3.5 Understand the concept of monitoring
3.5.1 Identify the elements of project monitoring
a. selection of control measures
b. observation of activities
c. collection of control data
d. comparison of control data with planning information
4.1 Compare and contrast different organizational structures and their impact on projects
4.1.1 The relevance of organizational structure and the main characteristics of
a. functional structure
b. product structure
c. matrix structure
4.2 Understand project supervision and superintendence
4.2.1 Differentiate project supervision and project superintendence
4.2.2 Understand the duties of a technician and assistant
a Discuss and distinguish between the duties of a technician and assistant
b Relate the duty of a technician with an assistant engineer.
5.1 Understand the concept of project planning and scheduling
5.1.1 Define the concept of project planning.
5.1.2 Define the concept of project scheduling.
5.1.3 Explain the importance of project planning and scheduling
5.1.4 Create the relationship between project planning and project scheduling
5.1.5 Adopt computer application in project planning and scheduling:
a. Understand Microsoft Project or other database software
b. Interpret a simple project by using Microsoft Project and
other database software:
c. construct event
d. accomplish activity and duration
e. construct to shorten the project duration
f. prepare the CPM for project samples given
g. prepare a progress report.

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Welcome to my new student (Session Jun 2014)

Assalamualaikum….first of all i want to welcome all of you to visit my blog.
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Why is Project Management Important

Project management has emerged as a crucial factor that determines the success of an organization. Whether it is a question of facing an economic crisis or generating large turnover, it plays a pivotal role in the growth of a firm. Since time immemorial, man has incorporated the idea of project management in the construction of monuments and various other architecture. However, since the early 1950s, it started to be pursued as a major discipline in the corporate companies. It forms the backbone in the fields of civil engineering, defense, aerospace engineering and infrastructure development.
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What project management can do for you


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Creating Project Networks

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